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Why Seat Covers?


Seat covers are a great addition to any car! One of the main criteria people look for when purchasing a used vehicle is the condition of the seats. If the seats are tearing, stained, or in any other way ruined, you can easily reduce the value of your car by a couple of hundred or even thousands of dollars. Seat covers protect your investment while simultaneously displaying your individuality and increasing the comfort of your car seats.

We offer only the highest quality fabrics in a variety of colors that will fit almost everyone's taste, lifestyle, and budget. Our seat covers are cut by machine to ensure a proper custom fit to your vehicle seat specifications and employ breakaway stitching where applicable so that your side airbags still deploy as designed by your vehicle manufacturer. We guarantee the fit, workmanship, and quality of all of our custom seat covers. Decor Auto Inc. has been in business since the late 1980s working with dealerships, distributors and retail customers so we know the importance of a good quality product and customer service.

Customer Reviews


On 2015-09-02 Hellen K said:

I am absolutely thrilled by the way my daughter's car seats look with the Madrid silver seat covers. I am a single mom on a tight budget, so when my daughter needed a car for school, I was less than enthusiastic. All the cars within my price range had severe mechanical issues, but fortunately I was able to find a functional Toyota Corolla that no one wanted because the interior seats were badly stained and tearing at the seams. The seat covers matched the car's interior perfectly and, most importantly, made the seats presentable again.


On 2015-08-31 Juliet A said:

My 2005 Toyota Tundra is the main workhorse for my general contracting company. I needed something that would be durable, so cordura fit the bill. I ordered the tan colored seat covers and the fit is really impressive. You definitely can't get that from a universal. The covers had a couple of wrinkles, which you can see in the picture, but they went away after a couple of days.

Hawaiian Print

On 2015-08-19 Matt C said:

i was trying to find these prints again after looking for seat covers for my 2010 jeep cherokee, but i forgot the website i saw them on before. i recently ran across someone talking about the selection on decorauto.com and found the print i was looking for! oooh hawaiian pineapple black is the best print!


On 2015-08-18 Eric T said:

My parent's recently gave me their old Honda since I needed a way to get to college in the Fall. While the car was mechanically fine, the interior was badly showing its age. I ordered the neoprene seat covers with silver inserts with charcoal sides, and I cannot believe how well they turned out. The interior is of my car like new again. Thank you, Decor Auto! You have made this college student very happy.


On 2015-08-16 Jill J said:

Both of my boys play soccer, so I am constantly playing chauffeur for them, their friends, and their equipment. My seats would constantly get mud and grass stains on them, which meant a lot of my time went into vacuuming and cleaning up. With the seat covers, this has drastically reduced my cleanup time. For most days, a simple damn towel will do, but I have also tossed them in the washer on those particularly muddy days. These silver encore seat covers definitely get this mom's seal of approval.


On 2015-08-15 Susan M said:

I saw someone mention decor auto on slick deals so I checked them out and did some research. My 70lb 1.5 year old Rottweiler gets excited about car rides so the interior of my Honda Accord is sort of messed up. I got the Encore seat covers to hide all the tears and stains and you can't even tell the difference now. It looks like Sunshine has never been in my car.